About Konsistens

KONSISTENS AS was founded in 1987. The name KONSISTENS stands for substance and coherence, and reflects our basic principles and services.

We offer advice to executives and managers that want to develop their leadership or the efficiency and performance of the organization they are heading up, and strategy implementation support

Our clients describe us as inspiring, confident, professional, and practical. We always go the extra mile to contribute great value to our clients. We offer customized services based on the needs and situation of the individual leader person, the company or the organization.

KONSISTENS is headed up by SVÁNAUG BERGLAND. Svánaug has comprehensive executive experience from well-known international corporations, in particular within the field of organizational development, strategic HR, corporate communication, and ethical business conduct. Since 2011 she has worked as a consultant providing advice and practical support to executives and managers in numerous smaller and larger companies. Her great variety of assignments includes individual and team-based leader development processes, executive career transition programs, organizational development and change processes, as well as establishment of governance and compliance policies, procedures and e-learning based ethics & compliance training programs.