Advisor to management and implementation resource


Individual Leader Development

Optimized results creation through increased self-awareness and leader role consciousness, strengthened ability to handle new challenges and improved confidence when performing leadership duties

We are convinced that leadership is personal. Most people can learn the key leadership techniques. However, the personal maturity of the leader and a confident leadership behavior are what define the individual’s leader profile. The need to develope varies. Some leaders need to develop in order to be considered for new leader opportunities. Others need to become even more confident in their current leader position to create even stronger results.

We offer Customized, Individual Leader Development Programs. Development goals, program contents and duration are agreed with the individual client and leader person.

Management Team Development

From “a group of managers” to a Management Team – raising team consciousness and implementing practical measures to achieve results that are stronger than only the sum of the members’ individual contributions

The need to develop management as a team may come up due to a number of different reasons: E.g., a new top manager wishes to shape his own management team, or members of the group resigns and are replaced by new members, conflicts within the group, poor cooperation, or simply that the management meetings are perceived as a waste of time, etc. For a group of managers to function as an effective team the team members need to have common, interdependent goals. Trust and confidence between the members are also key. If these basics are not in place, the group will not create add value, the management meetings become very focused on details, operational and dominated by single individuals’ need to expose themselves.

We offer customized, practical and inspiring management team development processes based on each team’s needs and situation.

360 Leader Feedback Survey

Unique technology and practical method that provides leaders with individual, relevant and specific feedback based on the individual leader’s actual situation

We often experience that leaders are missing feedback on their leadership. To the extent that leaders are evaluated and do get feedback, only the superior leader is involved, and his/her assessment is based on a limited selection of performance areas/KPIs. Other important stakeholders like the leader’s colleagues and employees may have very relevant opinions based on their perspective that should have been shared with the leader for him/her to get a complete impression of his/her strengths and development opportunities. Also, not all leadership aspects are equally important. Hence, Leader Feedback Survey findings are most relevant when the leader practice scores are measured against the degree of importance.

We offer 360-based Leader Feedback Survey with simple-to-read result reports that show each topic’s degree of importance scores, the leader’s performance scores and any gap between importance and performance.

Governance, CSR and Ethical Compliance

Practical support to boards and executives that want to ensure that the company is governed and managed effectively and operates according to high ethical standards

The headline of this section reflects terms that are used for address topics with similar meanings. “Governance» is mainly used in connection with “corporate governance” or “good governance”. In practical terms governance is about distribution of accountabilities and authorities, in particular regarding the individual role/position’s contribution to the overall goal achievement. However, in our experience, clearly defined distribution of accountabilities and authorities, e.g., between corporate and line functions, and between central and de-central functions, etc., is equally important. «CSR» – Corporate Social Responsibility – includes both external and internal affairs concerning the companies’ social responsibilities. «Ethical Compliance» continues to be an essential area of responsibility for executives that want to govern and lead the operation not only within the legal framework, but also based on the highest ethical standards.

We offer support to boards and executives with establishing policies, procedures, authority matrixes, Code of Conduct, etc. We also offer practical implementation support including customized training programs.



Planning and practical execution of change processes

How to reduce «noise», increase employees’ change-acceptance and organize for future development through use of «best practices»

When operations face the need for change, irrespective of reason, key success factor is how the change process is planned and executed. Change involves a large spectrum of issues and challenges that need to be dealt with to get a successful result. Insight into acknowledged change management principles, the laws and regulations that apply, and the ability to communicate well with all involved parties are imperative. Change that involves organizational restructuring, change of reporting lines, roles and responsibilities is challenging, in particular to leaders. Need for downsizing and lay-offs is concerning to all involved.

We have been through all of this before and are able to offer leaders expertise and experience-based advice and practical support during the planning and execution of single change and more extensive change processes

Executive Career Development and Transition

The journey to a new and more suitable position

Regardless of reason, a career development or change phase may bring people out of their comfort zone: Whilst positive and exciting when it is a voluntary and desired phase, it may be very challenging and concerning when come unexpectedly and is imposed by the employer. When the employer and the leader have diverging opinions about the circumstances, the situation becomes even more demanding. The employer may struggle to understand if there is a legal and appropriate way to resolve the issue, while the leader focuses on his/her legal protection and best interest.

We offer employers and executives support in finding the best possible solution for both parties. We offer customized and individual programs for executives who are looking for a new and suitable position. We team up with each client and are personally committed to providing the individual with the expertise and human support needed to ensure a more effective and successful journey than feared.

Handling Conflict

Has a relation become destructive or counterproductive? Then it’s time to intervene

Conflicts may be both necessary and useful. However, disagreements or behavior that are commonly seen as unacceptable may lead to dysfunctional conflicts that need to be handled. On the work arena, handling conflicts is normally a leader job. Easier said than done. Many leaders hesitate to act reason being that they do not know how.

We offer advice, techniques and training of leaders who want to strengthen their conflict handling skills. We also offer practical support in specific conflict cases


Leader advisor and counselling

When the leader needs a qualified external party to discuss with and get inspired by

Leaders that are facing different challenges and issues when performing their duties will often benefit from having an external discussion partner. A leader coach or advisor offers new perspectives, challenges established truths, acts as a sparring partner or simply an inspiring conversation partner. In an informal, professional atmosphere goals are set and the plan how to achieve them is established and scheduled. Furthermore, leaders who are preparing for important meetings, presentations, difficult conversations, etc., will benefit from using the coach as a sounding board.

As advisors, we offer our acknowledged communication skills, our ability to quickly capture the essence of a case, our comprehensive leader experience, and, simply, our dedication to contribute.

Self-awareness and Leader Role Consciousness; Reality check

When leaders need help to re-focus, define their personal brand and get new inspiration

Having a leader role means personal exposure on many different arenas, external and internal; owners and boards, customers, banks, colleagues, employees, trade unions, media, etc. That’s why it is particularly important for leaders to understand how they affect others and recognize how others affect how they think and act. Good self-insight and consciousness as to own role, behavior and communication style is key to have a realistic self-image. Some leaders have just started in their new role and need to define their leader profile, while others are «old» as leaders and need maybe to re-focus, get new inspiration or update their self-awareness. For others it’s all about focusing on improving the balance between their professional life and their private life.

We offer both new and experienced leaders a reality check: What are my professional and personal strengths? How do I build and communicate my personal brand? What are my professional and personal opportunities and goals? We offer leaders help to realize their full potential



Unique and practical method for collecting and analyzing of information needed as input for a new organizational development strategy

Many operations see a need to start off the process of developing a new organizational strategy with a “current state” or base line analysis. An organizational review process will produce key data as input for analyzing the company culture, human resources or structure capital and make sure that the organizational development initiatives are aligned with the business strategy.

We offer advice and practical support with the planning and execution of a customized organizational review. The easy-to-read result report gives management specific input and recommendations how to improve the organizational performance

Organizational Design; developing an effective organizational structure

Time to evaluate and decide if the current organizational structure is updated, effective and aligned with the business strategy? Time to change?

One of the executives most important duties is to see to that the operation at any point in time is organized optimally and aligned with the business goals, strategies and ability to deliver. We often see that changes in the leadership structure, downsizing, integration processes, etc., affect the way in which the operation is organized. Also, the need to «tidy up», simplify or modernize a complex organizational model may be on the agenda. A consequence of an organizational change is that job descriptions and work processes also need to be reviewed.

We offer help to understand different organizational models, to define the specific requirements that need to be met when choosing your company’s new structure and provide support with drafting the future organizational design.

Building the company’s Culture

Culture eats strategy for breakfast….» How to ensure that strategy and culture thrive together by the breakfast table

The company culture should be the building block that all activities are based on and the essential driver in achieving the company’s mission and overall goals. However, it takes focused and hard work to define, finetune or cultivate the preferred company culture. The strengths of the existing culture must be preserved, and the development opportunities identified and addressed. The way in which the internalization and operationalization of the culture drivers is promoted and executed will define the effectiveness of the culture development. The company’s overall policies, code of conduct and business system must reflect the company’s core values and leadership principles. And most importantly – the top executive and his/her team must practice and adhere to these principles.

We offer help with customizing a practical culture building process and program based on the company’s need and situation. We also offer support «behind the scenes» to management and other key staff with a systematic and practical culture realization process